What is DFG?

The DFG game ecological platform is the best solution for blockchain + games jointly created by the Singapore fund company Rebirth Foundation based on the understanding of the global game market value and the latest blockchain technology development.DFG's decentralized blockchain game ecological platform is committed to building a global underlying game public chain, operating and developing in the form of "shared, co-constructed, and shared" game players' co-governance community, and aggregates all creative ideas worldwide Game developers have direct access to all value users in the ecological platform, breaking the existing business structure of giant monopolies and profiteering channel providers, and realizing that the originally privatized huge number of value users can share resources in the entire ecological platform in a low-cost and efficient manner .

AGame Ecological Dilemma

User assets cannot be confirmed;
Diversified needs;
Data is not transparent;
Islanding effect of game economy system;
Seriously centralized;

BProblems to be solved by DFG

The cost of acquiring users is increasing;
User loyalty continues to decline;
Game operators and players urgently need to establish a deeper connection;
There are inherent disadvantages in centralized game operations;

CHow to solve the DFG game ecological platform

Decentralized operation;
Virtual asset confirmation;
Strong security protection;
Data can be trusted;
Break the island economy;
Smart games;

Technical characteristics

Based on blockchain technology, user information and virtual assets are stored on the blockchain. Even if the game operator's database is compromised, it will not cause user data leakage or asset theft.

Open and transparent
Important data is stored on the blockchain. Game operators cannot tamper with and delete game data at will. Game operators cannot cheat, making game data transparent and trustworthy.

Combined with blockchain technology, each system in the game is developed using smart contract technology, and game operators cannot distribute game goods and props. At the same time, even if the game is closed, the player's product data is stored on the blockchain and will not disappear as the game is closed.

Open source code
DFG will synchronize the development progress in real time on the block nodes and open source code for everyone to monitor and review

CS application scenarios
Users and the platform can make C2C transactions or financial cooperation by using DFG. Common transaction scenarios are as follows:

Game platform financial transactions

The cooperation between the game platform and the customer can be settled by CS, which can avoid the exchange rate exchange between various currencies between the game platform and the customer, which leads to the floating of a certain currency exchange ratio, which leads to the budget value between a game developer or user Excessive floating causes the problem of equal value exchange.

consultation service

Game companies and users can also solve their own problems by consulting experts, and the specific fees are specified by the experts being consulted. Since the abilities and charging standards of each highly qualified individual are disclosed in the community, developers can make the most economical choice based on actual needs.

Creative crowdfunding

Although individual abilities are often limited, game companies or players can implement their own ideas through crowdfunding in the community. Interested users can invest in capital or technology, and the amount of investment is determined by the user. These inputs are recorded on the blockchain, which accelerates the rapid realization of developers' ideas while also protecting the rights of investors.

News Subscription

In order to maintain continuous attention to the latest developments in related fields, the platform can subscribe to the dynamics of authoritative game players or active users in the field to obtain information on the development trend of related technologies and online and offline lectures in the first time. The subscription fee is specified by the subscriber and can be in the form of monthly, quarterly, and annual fees.

Social interaction

Based on the community platform, users can carry out a series of pan-social interactions, in which users can conveniently conduct various forms of transactions.

Project collaboration

The DFG game ecological platform provides a decentralized project collaboration solution to facilitate the fair and transparent completion of open source projects in an autonomous environment. Any community user who reaches a certain credibility weight threshold can become a project initiator, convene community developers to serve it, and give back to task developers through CS.

Development route
Rebirth Foundation

A Singapore-registered fund organization jointly established by blockchain enthusiasts, technology geeks, and investors, aims to improve blockchain technology and land applications. Through the development, construction and information dissemination of the blockchain industry, popularize blockchain-related knowledge for potential investors, obtain and publish the latest industry trends in a timely manner, understand future industry development trends, and enhance development exchanges between the blockchain industry , So as to promote the development of Asian blockchain industrialization.

Based on the understanding of the global game market value and the latest blockchain technology development, members of the Rebirth Foundation jointly created the best solution for blockchain + games: the DFG game ecological platform.

Founding Team
Berton CEO

One of the principals of Rebirth Foundation, responsible for global digital currency policy research, global operation team building, global game resource integration, rebirth chain community construction, platform compliance landing; graduated from National University of Singapore, University of Warwick, Hong Kong Polytechnic University ; Familiar with the management of financial institutions. Familiar with the global financial market, including various game products, digital currencies, blockchain and supply chain finance, etc. Rich experience in cross-border business and offshore structure construction.

Frank CTO

Frank is proficient in GPGPU computing, networking, machine learning and blockchain applications. He has a good technical level and practical experience in mining, supervision and innovative technology application. Frank has held senior positions such as chief technology officer, project manager and IT director of the world's top IT companies. Frank is responsible for the design and development of the DFG game ecological platform and plays a key role in the rapid development of DFG.

Jeremiah COO

Jeremiah is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Rebirth Foundation and is an investor with extensive experience in finance and game operations. In the past few years, he has worked in more than 10 companies. Since 2011, he has been engaged in Bitcoin and blockchain application research.

Thomas Tan Technical Consultant

Provident Financial Holdings Inc. Senior System Architect, Data Scientist, PhD in Computer Science Software Engineering, University of Southern California; Distributed Storage Expert. Responsible for software development and system architecture in IBM and many other IT companies, specializing in software development life cycle activities and methods, and is a core technology developer of FOMO 3D games.

Zeta Zhu Gaming and Marketing Consultant

CS game ecological platform marketing consultant, Zeta Zhu was a senior director in the Asia-Pacific region. He has more than 10 years of experience in the game industry and is responsible for leading the game business in the Asia-Pacific region.

Zachary CTO

Filipino, Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University, Ph.D. in Finance. In the core technology of fintech-"Blockchain", it can create a world record of clearing every 15 seconds, surpassing the international standard of clearing once every 2 minutes. Silicon Valley Technology Co., Ltd. has served in Google for many years, and has since devoted himself to the field of financial investment. After experiencing the establishment and development of the blockchain investment market, he is currently the CTO.

Cooperative agency
Impact Hub Manila

A globally connected and localized incubation organization that provides incubation programs for local and global outstanding projects in Manila, and promotes the development of global digital technology. There are more than 250 incubation programs in the Philippines, with partners including universities, governments, and local companies in the Philippines. On August 6 this year, Impact Hub Manila and the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology of the Philippines officially launched the Elevate National Roadshow in Dumaguete City. This is a new multi-city digital startup project aimed at promoting the development of local digital entrepreneurial channels in the Philippines.

Launchgarage Inc

Launchgarage Inc was originally a startup acceleration plan launched in 2012 by Singapore venture capital company Kickstart Ventures and local application engineering company Proudcloud. The fund organization is committed to developing from a technology innovation center to a venture capital company. Under the leadership of its CEO Jay Fajardo, Launchgarage aims to invest in fintech, agritech, aquatech startups and BPO enterprise software applications.

AIM-Dado Banatao incubator

Launched in June 2016 by the Philippine Development Foundation (PhilDev) and the Asian Institute of Management (AIM), it provides world-class mentors, trains startups’ goals, and provides network support to build and grow their businesses. Dado Banatao, also known as the "Father of Semiconductors", is a Silicon Valley technology pioneer and founder of PhilDev. The incubator is headquartered in the AIM building in Legazpi Village, Makati City, and aims to support startups with development potential. These companies focus on industries that require innovative solutions, including technology-based communications, agriculture, health, and labor. Intelligence (IoT), Internet of Things (Internet of Things), etc.

Idea Space

A Malaysian non-profit organization focusing on technology entrepreneurship was established in 2012. Its members include 4 technology startup companies and nearly 500 startup company founders. It provides financial support, educational support, market runway and expert guidance for incubation projects. Idea Space is suitable for pre-seed and startup companies in all vertical industries, looking for and investing in promising technology startup companies, whether local or foreign.

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